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Case Studies

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BIM Case Studies

Elliott Wood Partnership
Elliott Wood Partnership immediately recognised the value that moving from 2D to 3D drawing capability offered their clients.

Daikin UK Ltd
Daikin UK Ltd has an extra advantage over competitors since implementing Autodesk Revit MEP.

Wood Group PSN
Wood Group PSN has realised a significant reduction in design time since implementing AutoCAD P&ID.

Areen Design Services Ltd
By implementing a uniquely tailored CAD system, Areen Design is saving huge amounts of time and expenditure on its largest project to date – the design of a major new international airport.

InfraWorks 360 BIM in Action – terra firma and Woking Borough Council                                      
Cadline has a team of geospatial specialists with expertise in the integration of both CAD and GIS applications and so were asked by landscape architects terra firma to provide visualisations for the environmental assessment and public consultation stages of a planned new school and leisure centre in Working. 

Manufacturing Case Studies

Avia Technique
Avia Technique has reduced its design time by an impressive 50% since investing in Autodesk Product Design Suite Premium.

DES Group Ltd

DES Group Ltd has found Elecworks a “great improvement” on their previous electrical design system, and is pleased with the superior efficiency of the design process.

Valsave Engineered Solutions
Water treatment technology specialist, Valsave Engineered Solutions, has so far secured £500,000 worth of new business, as a direct result of implementing Autodesk Inventor Routed Systems.

HiTek Power Ltd
Editing designs is so simple in Inventor that HiTek can now meet each customer’s particular needs more efficiently, reducing design and product time to market.
Power Capacitors Ltd
Designing schematics for power factor correction equipment is a highly technical and complex task. It can also be extremely time consuming. Or at least it was for Power Capacitors Ltd, who, simply by implementing AutoCAD Electrical, have cut the time it takes to draw from scratch by 75%.
Spellman High Voltage Limited
Since acquiring Autodesk Inventor, Spellman has been able to reduce some project timescales by up to 50%. Design Manager, Bob Gerrard, describes this as "a significant improvement to the business in terms of reduced costs and competitive advantage."

ESCAD Design Limited
The "slick" drawings created in Autodesk Inventor help the three staff members of ESCAD Design Limited to impress their clients and to demonstrate effectively their expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and design.

Technology Case Studies

Dalcour Maclaren

Dalcour Maclaren are, in essence, land strategists: they offer expert advice to utility companies on all aspects relating to viable route options across the landscape - corridors. Like many others, it’s an area of business that’s taken advantage of digital technology.

Lewisham Council
Lewisham Council is making a valuable 25% saving in time and costs since implementing a comprehensive and flexible web application to manage the borough’s address data.

Atkins Highways & Transportation has improved its speed and efficiency, enhanced its service offering to clients, and looks set to cut business costs. This is the result of Atkins implementing the interactive mapping webGIS system, MapThat, in its Inform™ suite of applications which provides end-to-end control and automation over field maintenance activities.

Borough of Poole
Borough of Poole local authority has upgraded its mapping capabilities, both within its intranet and on the website. The new technology has improved information access for Council employees and the public alike, while simultaneously reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.
Lewisham Council

Lewisham Council is the first local authority to use newly developed software, MapThat, to provide a state‐of‐the‐art interactive map on its re‐launched website.

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